"At 55 years old I have had the opportunity to deal with a number of insurance agents including some that were friends. I have been dealing with Deanna Gratz at Cottingham for quite a few years now and I can say that she is one of, if not the best agent I have ever dealt with. Deanna is very knowledgeable, keeps up on my portfolio and notifies me if she feels I should make a change, and with her I feel comfortable and secure in knowing that my needs are taken care of. That is very important to me especially with somewhere in the area of 10 policies with her. I have and will continue to recommend Deanna to my friends, neighbors, and anyone I talk to that is unhappy with their agent. Hey, I say all of this and we are not even related nor did she offer to pay me. I do enjoy doing business with Deanna because she is not only good at what she does but truly cares about what she does."

Mac Petry - Bismarck, ND

"Amanda and the Cottingham Insurance Staff, Thank you for of the excellent insurance services you provide. We carry multiple types of coverage through Cottingham Insurance varying from vehicles to homeowners. Unfortunately, the past couple of years have tested several of our policies however, the results definitely exceeded our expectations. The staff that Cottingham Insurance employ are very knowledgeable about who "we" are and what policies "we" carry, making for a very personalized experience. We chose Cottingham Insurance when we moved to North Dakota because several local Riverdale residents referred us, we have continued our business with Cottingham Insurance because of the prompt, knowledgeable, friendly service we receive and we will continue to refer those that ask and even those that don't ask to Cottingham Insurance."

Brenda Holm - Riverdale, ND

"Being a retired floor covering business man I have dealt with a lot of insurance companies. Cottingham was the insurer of the property we purchased and us being new to this area we stayed with them, a good move on our part. They are very professional, courteous people who take care of you when a claim is needed."

Bill Leingang - Riverdale, ND

"Cottingham Insurance is by far the BEST insurance company in the Bis-Man area! First and foremost, they have the best customer service a person could ask for! Anytime I have a question or concern, DeAnna gets back to me right away, every time! All of the agents and employees are very personable and are always there to help in any way they can. Secondly, their rates are impossible to beat. I have been a customer for almost ten years, and I switched to another carrier for a short time...(silly me!), but was back to Cottingham within a year! I missed all they had to offer, and I will be with them for good this go around! I have referred MANY friends to this company, and every one of them is every bit as satisfied as I am! If you are shopping around for your insurance needs, then look no further, as Cottingham is the one insurer you are sure to be pleased with! Hats off to Cottingham, and thanks again for all you do for me and my family!"

Jaimie Bradley - Lincoln, ND

"Excellent company...great customer service! I highly recommend using them for any insurance needs!"

Ashley Wagner - Bismarck, ND

"Not only have I received the best insurance rate ever, EVERYONE here goes above and beyond for the best rates and truly ...they have your best interest at heart. Thank you, DeAnna and Jessica, for taking such great care of us!!"

Amber Sandness - Bismarck, ND

"I have used Cottingham insurance for my insurance needs for both commercial and personal policies. Their staff is amazing and right there when you need them. They have superior customer service and will get you the best policy for your needs. Their services are very diverse so if you need something, they have it! I would highly recommend using their services!"

Courtney Meier - Bismarck, ND

"I have been with Cottingham Insurance for 25 years. It's nice to have someone personal and local to look at our insurance needs."

Jason Landenberger - Turtle Lake, ND

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